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We offer to our Investors access to low risk, self-liquidating and short-tenor Supply Chains investment structures, through our Receivables Financing Programs.

We are alternative credit investors and all our investments fit in our ESG and Code of Conduct Criteria.


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Investments Structure


Low Risk with Credit Insured or Investment Grade Western Obligor Risk.


Full recourse to client trough a security and/or guarantee structure and assignments of proceeds from Obligor. Full control of cash disbursements from Obligor directly to WCA.


Fixed Income instrument with quarterly cash coupons.


Short tenor with ability to redeem.


WCA management co-investment strategy.

Underlying Commercial Transactions

Short - Term

Self - Liquidating

Low Risk

ESG Metrics

Transactions are self-liquidating and short term.

Goods are tangible and non-controversial (with focus on agriculture supply chains).

Counterparties in the transactions are reputable and have an existing strong track record and commercial relationship.

Transaction execution risk is limited.

ESG metrics are met.


WCA is committed to a professional, ethical and transparent business approach, throught its internal policies and procedures.



WCA strives to be a Principled Business, with our conduct and investments principles providing a common ground for all our activities and actions. This means operating in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in our Environmental, Social and Governance duties.


If you are interested to know more about investing in sustainable supply chains, please contact us:

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