Working Capital Associates
Press Release

31 December 2018

Alternative finance provider Working Capital Associates closes Q4 2018 with a string of successful financings to support a wide range of international trade flows to African importers. 

WCA’s key thematic drivers of growing population and urbanisation in the African and South American regions remain at the core of the existing mandates and of WCA’s overall strategy.

London, 31/12/2018 - Working Capital Associates (“WCA”) celebrates a successful quarter end, marked by an impressive and very diverse string of executed deals to provide alternative Trade Finance to expanding Small and Medium Enterprises to support their global trade flows. 

“We are delighted with the results that we have achieved this quarter, which proved the real need for alternative trade finance solutions and reinforced our strategy”, confirms Federica Sambiase, WCA's Partner & CEO.

With food scarcity driven by urbanisation and growing population at the heart of its strategy, WCA has successfully financed inter-continental food and agri supply chain flows from North America, South America and China into African SMEs, as much as intra-continental trade flows within Africa.  In line with WCA philosophy, all financings were extended to inclusive businesses and structured and tailor-made to address clients’ needs and requirements.


“We are very clear on our approach – we build ‘boxes’ to fit our clients’ needs rather than offering ‘standard box’ solutions”, adds the CEO.   “With global agricultural demand expected to double by 2030, Africa and South America are under significant pressure to increase production. Our focus remains on supporting the trade finance needs of Importers/Exporters in these two core regions.” adds Rafael Vahdat, WCA’s Partner and Head of Origination. 

“We believe that the focus of financing is on the business transaction between two or more participants of the value chain” concludes the CEO, “It is a holistic approach to financing the food and agriculture system. The different actors in the chain can be financed with different trade finance instruments to enhance the entire value chain”.


Working Capital Associates (“WCA”) provides alternative debt financing as necessary liquidity to businesses in need of funding. WCA focuses on short-term transactional and trade financing for Importers and Exporters with international activities. 


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