The art of extracting liquidity from short-term trade assets and generate cash to support business growth


Working capital is the capital that companies require to trade successfully and to meet their everyday financial obligations, such as payment to suppliers, to employees, maintenance costs, cost to replenish inventories.

Working capital is a critical measurement of business' health -  it indicates the ability of a company to function efficiently to cover their daily operations. A shortage of working capital generally indicates that a company is unable to satisfy outgoing expenditures.  

The essential principles of Working Capital management are clear: reduce inventory and receivables whilst increasing payables balances. But many companies find it hard to optimise working capital.

As a result, working capital shortages can occur to profitable business and cause them to fail. 

The most strategic companies focus attentively on Working Capital financing solutions to avoid these situations.

Trade Receivables Financing

Our Trade Finance structures enable multinational Sellers to accelerate receipt of cash and monetize their receivables. Our solutions are tailor-made to address diverse Seller's targets (eg credit risk management, cash flow enhancement, sales growth) and timings (eg pre-shipment, post-shipment) 

Trade Payables Financing

Our Trade Payables solutions allow multinational Buyers to manage efficiently cash outflows and to align DPOs to actual operational cash flow needs. We offer individual solutions to support the Buyers' requirements, ranging from Sellers' financial incentive, to improved commercial terms,  to pure cash flow management.  

Working Capital Loans

Our Working Capital Loan is a short term financing for Sellers or Buyers to cover cash-out flow peaks in the business' working capital cycle. The loans are self liquidating and can be one-off or rolling. 

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